Monday, May 23, 2011

Hi Everyone! I stopped posting for a long time, but I'm back and I hope to make this a special place to be!

I'm sharing some photos of a project I did for my daughter's Mother's Day gift. I love to recycle/upcycle regular household items and this project is a good example of just how to do it. This project will be in two parts. I saved the box from which I unpacked my new cell phone. It was made so sturdy and I just couldn't bear to throw it away. I used it to create a pretty matching keepsake box (part one) to hold the tag book (part two) I created for my daughter's gift. She just had a new baby and I was there to share in the event and help her once she came home. While there, I took photos of each one of my grandchildren with their newest baby sister, as well as Mommy and Daddy, and printed them out for this book.

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