Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Coloring Fun!

Hi Everyone!  This is my second post for the day.  I promised to share my card with you, but first I wanted to show you the creative process of reproducing a similar little girl to the one I did on the back of my desk pad calendar.
Here is my finished little girl.  In case you are viewing these posts backwards, the stamped image is entitled "Puppy Girl" from the Pure Innocence line by My Favorite Things.  I love this entire line, but this little girl and her puppy-dog are adorable, don't you think?

Here are the girls, side by side.  You can see that I tried my best to duplicate the dress and hair, although they are slightly different.  Just for fun I changed the colors in the puppy-dog the second time around.  I thought a gray and white spotted little dog would look adorable with her green dress.

Now here is my coloring process.  It should be pretty self-explanatory, so I won't bore you with a lot of narration.

Slowly coming to life...

And it's a little harder to see the changes...

And here is a closeup of the final colored image.

I will post the entire card tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting!


Stamp Coloring Doodling...

Hey everyone!  Today I have some doodling I'd like to share.  I used the darling stamp entitled "Puppy Girl" from the Pure Innocence line by My Favorite Things, my Letraset alcohol markers, and my fine tip Sharpie markers for this project.
Now, just as a reminder, I am by no means a professional when it comes to coloring stamped images.  I am strictly a student, teaching myself as I go along.  This post is merely to share some doodling I did the other day.  I didn't want to waste my good cardstock, so I decided to try some different techniques I had been mulling over in my head on the backside of my desk pad calendar.
I had this idea to create a shadow behind the image.  I went a little crazy with this shadow--to say it is over-sized is an understatement, but it was fun to exaggerate the shadow in order to hone in on some shadowing detail work.
Besides creating "motion" in the puppy's tail, I also took a little creative license in shading her dress.  I wanted it to be a slightly full skirt with gathers at the waste.  I used several different colors in order get this effect, beginning with pale yellow and ending with dark green.  When I was happy with the result, I used my fine tip Sharpie markers to define each gather at the waste and to define the way the skirt fell at the hem.

Taking particular delight in defining clothing details comes from being a lifelong, self-taught seamstress.  For years I have enjoyed creating and sewing for my daughter and other friends and family.  I have always had fun designing my own gowns.  Again, I am no professional--I have only ever sewn for pleasure (and out of necessity to save money on expensive gowns for various school dances).  Now that my daughter is grown, my clothing design is mostly limited to drawing.  ;o}
In looking at this little girl, I decided that I really liked the way she turned out and wanted to use her on a card.  However, it was easy to see the calendar numbers through the paper, not to mention the fact that the shadow made the image very wide, so I ended up recreating her without the large shadow in order to crop her and use her on a card.  That will be in a future post.

For comparison purposes, I have included some photos of other images I have recently colored.  You can see that I have played around with many of the shading/highlighting in the various places in each image.  And Puppy Girl needs a variety of clothes, don't you agree?!?  I suppose there is no right or wrong way to color--it's all in the way you want it to be, right?

I hope you enjoyed my doodling.  If any of you have any coloring and/or stamping tips or tricks, please let me know.  I am relatively new to all of this and I can use all the help I can get.  :o}

Thanks for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you again soon!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pet Sympathy Card/Mini Book

     Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Today I'm featuring a pet sympathy card/mini book.
     My brother and sister-in-law recently lost their darling little Miniature Pinscher, Buddy.   He was the cutest, sweetest little fella ever and he is sorely missed by us all.   
             Pure Innocence Puppy Girl  Clearly Sentimental about Pets
     After I heard of Buddy's passing, I happened to be searching the net and came across this cute little stamp set, Puppy Girl, from the Pure Innocence line by My Favorite Things.  I thought it was the perfect image for this card. MFT also has another sentiment set, Clearly Sentimental About Pets, dedicated to our furry friends, so I bought them both and set out to make this special card in memory of little Buddy.
     As you can see from the stamp set above, this little girl did not originally have a pleated skirt, but something just seemed to be missing, so I drew one in with my Letraset markers.  I also colored two others below, each one with a different skirt:
     For the first one, I stamped her and colored her in.  I then stamped the image again on patterned paper, fussy cut her skirt, and glued it over my colored image.  As in the little girl featured on today's card, the second little girl has pleats, too, but her pleats are a bit wider.  You'll see these little girls and their pups featured in future cards--they are not quite finished.  
     As I'm sure you can see, I am by no means a professional--I am just learning to use my Letraset alcohol markers, so please forgive my mistakes.  I have watched lots of online tutorials on how to blend and color with alcohol markers and I am having so much fun!  I always loved to color as a child and I find it very relaxing to color as an adult.  Once I was satisfied with my coloring, I went back in with my fine tip Sharpie markers to further define, add depth, as well as to add fine detail.
     This card has lots of dimensional detail. The lavender Swiss dot background pattern is from The Classics by The Paper Studio.  All additional patterns featured are from K&Company, Abrianna. There are several layers matted and sewn together with my sewing machine.  Each layer picks up another color from the main background pattern.  Once sewn, they are adhered to the card base with my ATG gun.  
     After coloring my little girl, I used the Large Nestabilities Labels Die Set, S4 168, along with my Big Kick, to cut her out.  She is layered over yellow and lavender, set atop white cardstock punched with the Starburst punch set from Martha Stewart and accented with tiny flower brads in each corner.  The entire image is sewn, popped up on foam tape and set aside for later.
     One thing I'd like to mention about coloring stamped images:  In the past I have stamped on regular cardstock with Stazon Ink and have experienced problems with my outlined image bleeding.  After doing a little detective work, I found that other stampers use cardstock made specifically for alcohol markers.  I ordered some of this cardstock and it made all the difference.  However, I apologize--I must have thrown away the packaging and I do not remember the brand or product bad.  :o}  I will find out more information and include it in a future post.
     The center strip is cut from four layers of cardstock and then set atop a punched border by Martha Stewart. After sewing through the layers, I then added the satin, pleated ribbon from Stampin Up.  A thin lavender ribbon is centered over top and adhered from behind.  The finished strip is adhered to the card base with my ATG gun, over which the colored Puppy Girl image is layered and, finally, the bow and silk flower embellishments are placed with glue dots.
     For the inside of the card, I had a certain poem in mind that I hoped might help to set my brother and sister-in-law's minds at ease, as well as let them know they are loved.  The poem is entitled "The Rainbow Bridge" (author unknown) and is inspired by Norse legend.  
     The poem is a bit long and wouldn't fit inside my card, so I decided to split it up into three, 2-paragraph sections and spread it out over three card pages...thus the "mini book".  It was quite simple to add another page inside my card by adhering white copy paper cut to the size of two pages.  I placed the paper over the inside flap of the card and, at the center fold I butt the second page up against the corner and continued adhering the paper across. I then did the same thing on the other side of the page and along the back flap of the card.  Once folded together, it creates the hinge for the middle page.  I'm sorry I didn't take photos of this process.  If you'd like to see my method for this, please let me know and I will do a photo tutorial in a future post.

Here are closeups of each page.  As you can see, the poem is printed on patterned paper using my word processing program, cut to size, and matted and sewn just like the front of the card. 

After sewing the mats, I then adhered them to the card base with my ATG gun.

I've included closeups of each of the pages so you can see the details and, hopefully, read the poem.  It's a pretty little poem that I heard when I first began volunteering for a local dog rescue.  I have always loved it and thought it might be comforting for my brother and his family during this time.
     This is the last page of the card.  I matted the background as I did on all of the other pages, and took cues from the card front for the strip down the middle.
     The sentiment is from Clearly Sentimental About Pets by MFT and is matted and adhered over foam tape.  So sweet...
     I hope you have enjoyed my pet sympathy card/mini book.  If it brings a little peace to my family after losing their beloved little Buddy, it will have all been worthwhile.
     Have a wonderful day and I will see you again soon!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shadowbox Easter Card

Hey everyone!  Hope this finds you all well and having a wonderful day.

Thought I'd share my Easter design posted on the Creative Critterz Imaginations blog.
For the details on how I made this shadowbox card (and to see the inside), head on over to check it out here.  There are so many talented designers, you are sure to find lots of Easter inspiration!

Have a great day and I hope to see you again soon!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easter Goodie Bag Toppers

Hello!  Happy Thursday!
     As promised, today I am sharing the Easter goodie bag toppers that I made to go inside the kids' Easter pails.  To refresh your memory, here is another look at the Easter pails for my grand kiddies.  They were featured in yesterday's post.
     Each one has a different critter featured on their Easter pail, so I coordinated the critters on the goodie bag toppers so the kids don't get confused as to whose candy belongs to whom. 
     I purchased these Easter bags at the store some time ago (and I can't for the life of me remember which store...sorry!).  The toppers were easy to make.  I simply cut a strip of paper, punched the edge with my Martha Stewart punch, folded it in half and added a piece of patterned paper to the front.
     Next I cut a small critter to match the Easter pail.  For this one I added tiny eyes, but I mixed it up and did different eyes for each one.  After adhering the critter to the front of the topper, I filled the bag, folded the the bag over twice so it didn't open, and then I added the topper, securing it with my stapler.  Didn't they turn out so cute?
     Here is a sneak peek inside each one of the pails...
     We'll start with Missy's pail...and here is the inside.  If you look closely, you'll see that I included a clear tiny pail (which I found at Michael's) filled with jelly beans.  :o)
          Next is Sissy's pail and here's a look inside!  Those are baby bunnies, in case you're wondering, lol! (It's getting late here and I'm getting slap happy...)  :o}
     Little Sammy's frog pail turned out so cute, especially when you pair it with the darling little baby froggies inside!  I thought they looked even cuter with big eyes to match their daddy frog!  :o)
     And, finally, Baby Sissy's Easter pail with that cute little chick on the front...and who knew there were babies inside...a stuffed duckie AND a paper chickie!!  Baby Sissy's bag isn't filled with, she's got her tasty teething cookies and toddler yogurt bites in strawberry--her favorite flavor!  
     If you noticed the difference in the toppers at the beginning of the post and the ones inside the pails, the toppers at the beginning of the post were made for Mommy and Daddy's pails.  After all, I couldn't leave them out!!
     Well, this brings me to the end of my post for today.  I hope you enjoyed my Easter goodie bag toppers and hopefully you'll create some for yourself.  They are quick and easy and great for many different occasions.
     Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you again soon!