Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creative Critterz Imaginations Post: St. Patrick's Day Baby Girl Ensemble

Hi Everyone!  It's Merilee here today with my post over at Creative Critterz Imaginations featuring a St. Patrick's Day baby girl ensemble.
I have been dying to try printing on fabric and decided to give it a try for the first time today.  My youngest granddaughter will celebrate her first birthday and I thought this would make a great gift.  That's why I chose a pink and green color scheme.

This project began with a package of Avery Printable Fabric that I found at Office Max, as well as the following cartridges:

I would like to note that the printable fabric you purchase must be for ink jet printers and *NOT* for laser printers.  The background image was chosen from Nursery Tails; the shamrocks from A Child's Year; the sentiment from Paisley, filled in with patterns from Blossom.  After making my choices from each cartridge, I measured the space I had to place each object, and sized things on my Imagine accordingly.  I made sure my settings were correct before making my cuts:  my blade was set at 6, but I changed my speed to 3, as well as my pressure to 3.  I then set my multi cut function to 2 but, in hindsight, I really did not need to cut it twice.  This printable fabric cuts like butter with no fraying edges or unsightly corners.

The following photo shows the actual cuts that were made:
Now on to preparation.  This particular printable fabric is backed with iron on adhesive.  However, it can be sewn on, as well.  In my case, I ironed it on first and stitched around everything with my sewing machine.  The project would have been even cuter had I used puffy paints instead of stitching, but as I searched my stash of puffy paints, I found that the colors I needed were dried up so I stitched instead.

I began with a onsie and ironed it all nice and flat.

The next step was to add my cuts.  With a dry iron, I first applied the background and then I adhered the remainder of the elements, ironing each layer as I went along.
My next step was to stitch around the edges of selected objects to better highlight the details, as well as secure the entire iron on so it will survive many launderings.
The process was relatively quick, so I began to add a bit of trim around the neck, the skirt waste, as well as the little socks.  Everything coordinated very well by the time I finished.
And this is my finished ensemble...
I hope you enjoyed my project today.  Perhaps this will inspire you to grab a package of printable fabric and let your imagination go to create something unique with your Imagine.  It couldn't be more fun and the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for joining me today and I hope to see you again soon!


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