Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayers for Victims in Connecticut

Today is a sad day in our history.  My heart is extremely heavy thinking of those victims of the shooting in Connecticut.  So many innocent people many innocent children who lost their lives before they had even begun. 

I will keep the families, the children, and everyone involved, in my prayers.  I ask that you do the same, as this tragedy is unthinkable.  I pray for those taken from this earth before their time; I pray for those broken families left with a vast hole in their lives that can never be mended; I pray for those children who lived through this horror, and I pray for the lost soul who committed this heinous crime.

Please join me in prayer at this sorrowful time in the lives of so many people.  Together, with the strength of prayer, we can reach out to help make a difference.

Thank you,


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