Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ninjago Halloween Costume

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are all ready for Halloween tomorrow!

I finished my grandson's ninjago Halloween costume several days ago, but I had to put it in the mail (he lives in St. Louis, Missouri) and then wait for him to get it before I could share a photo of him wearing it. 

First of all, for you sewing enthusiasts, here are a few photos of the costume:

This costume was made using a pajama pattern.  It is made of no-pill fleece, which will be nice and warm, since the weather in St. Louis is cold.
The jacket has Velcro closures and the belt is an elastic/Velcro belt made to wrap around sleeping bags.  I found by accident and it was the perfect width for Sammy's waist.  I just love happy accidents!  He will be able to wear this as a jacket after Halloween.
The pants are basic sweatpants with an elastic casing at the top.  He has lots of shirts that will go well with this color of green (Sammy's favorite color!), so he'll get lots of use out of these pants after Halloween.
I basically had to wing the hood.  I couldn't find anything like what I needed, so I used a regular hood pattern as a template and created my own ninjago version, lol!
Another view...
And, finally, here is Sammy all dressed up!  You can't see how cute he is underneath that ninjago hood, lol!  He was so happy to have it, he told his mother, "Wow!  Nana really is crafty!"   :o)  He's 6 years old, lol!

Thanks for visiting today and I will see you again soon with Halloween cards!



  1. Oh...WOW! Your costume turned out fabulously! That is just toooo awesome and your grandson still looks cute peeking out of there! He is going to be so excited to go trick or treating in this great costume and he will never forget that his Nana made this for him. Wonderful memories!

    1. Thanks, Tanya! I appreciate your enthusiasm. I really enjoyed making this for my little guy. My grandkiddies are very dear to my heart. :o)