Thursday, October 27, 2011

Origami Diamond Tuck Card - II

Hello everyone!  Thanks for visiting my blog today.  This is my second post using the Origami Diamond Tuck Card base.

This is a birthday card for my sister.  The paper color combinations are a bit unusual, but I like them very much.  They suit my sister's personality perfectly!

As you can see, the card top tucks inside the diamond to hold it securely closed.

I combined flowers--one sugared flower with a paper flower on top.  I pulled the stamens through the center.

The bow is attached in separate pieces underneath the flower.  I wanted to follow the lines in the paper.

I added a bit of hand sewing to the inside rim, along with a metal embellishment.

The inside is embellished with another flower, as well as a small card tucked inside...

This is a view of the backside of the card.

And, of course, a pretty envelope to match.

I hope you enjoyed this card.  I have one more to follow soon!

Have a great day!


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